Hi, I'm Chad.

I enjoy making the impossible possible.

I'm a UX ManagerFunctional Health Consultant, and Account Manager with 22 years of proven results across multiple industries. My approach combines technical precision, comprehensive analysis, and user experience design to deliver maximum customer value.

Deep analysis

  • Comprehensive

  • Technical

  • Organized



  • Leadership

  • Storytelling

  • Empathy

maximum impact

  • Intelligence

  • Adaptability

  • Performance


MY work

Designing innovative solutions to health challenges

Anabolic Aces Consulting

Co-Founder | CEO | 3-Year Startup

Director of Customer Success and Product Management for functional health programs that deliver life-changing client outcomes by combining lab data analysis with customized lifestyle and supplement protocols.

Testing Data Cover.png

Shipment dashboard to strengthen client relationships

Equll Trucking Logistics

Client Contract | 3-week agile sprint

UX Project Manager and researcher leading 3 UX designers to take the current desktop interface from minimum viable product to a usable dashboard with clear visual hierarchy.

Equll-GA Dashboard Mockup 1.png

Mobile app design for convenience and accessibility

Seattle Public Library

Concept Project | 2-week agile sprint

UX Project Manager and researcher leading 3 UX designers on a redesign challenge to replace the responsive website with a mobile app to help users empower their communities with accessible knowledge.

Desktop e-commerce flow to improve room booking

Rock Box Karaoke

concept project | 2-week agile sprint

UX Researcher and Designer challenged to build a desktop booking flow to reduce employee and user pain points around reserving rooms on busy nights and weekends.

Rock Box cover.png

I have a BA degree in Psychology  and studied human behavior for 22 years, including experience in the mental health field.

I’ve learned a diverse set of business skills as a co-founder of a health consulting company and changed lives by helping clients overcome chronic health conditions.


Working 12 years in the corporate automotive industry, I learned to balance multiple stakeholder needs on cross-functional teams.

When I'm away from my desk, you can find me on a soccer field or spotting tells at the poker table.



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